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Wednesday 21st March 2007

The UK National Budget:

Massive Tax Reductions for the Self-Employed!



Sunday March 18th 2007

Terry Wogan















Terry Wogan is presenting it again!

Here are the actual covers to the original Ha! (Humorous Arts) Magazine as they were when they were published. Click on cover to see larger image.



Ha! Cover 1Ha! Cover 2Ha! Cover 3Ha! Cover 4Ha! Cover 5

Left to Right: September 1994; January 1995; March 1995; May/June 1995; Sept/October 1995. Ah! Those were the days!


Ha! (Humorous Arts) was a magazine I published in the mid-nineties. With the absence of Punch and the UK edition of Mad, it seemed like there was a gap in the market for a magazine that catered for these two tastes. It also seemed to be a good idea to offer reviews, articles and interviews from the entire world of humour.

It went well for five issues, eventually being distributed, on foot, around independent newsagents in London. Out of a print run of 1,000, we achieved a sales rate of 40%, which was quite an achievement on what was mostly word-of-mouth advertising.

We had several of the big boy publishers look at our product with the view to launching it nationally. It all got very promising twice, but in both cases their accountants said we couldn’t sell enough advertising. And philanthropic entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Alan Sugar weren’t keen.

Ha! 3 Cover

However, we transferred to the web for a short while and managed several months of weekly updates until other things, like having to earn a living, got in the way. It’s not easy when sponsors are not beating a path to your door.

It was a time when the atmosphere of creativity seemed to presage a new era and our team of writers and cartoonists were enthusiastic to be a part of it. And some good stuff was produced.

This blog is going to be a trip down memory lane for many of them, but fresh fields for the rest of you. And there will be new material and cartoons published here as well, so it will always be worthwhile bookmarking this blog for regular enjoyment.

Some articles are already garnished with cartoons, others are still waiting for cartoons to be drawn for them. So please come back to see those and to enjoy all the new posts that are going to take place over the forseeable future!

Let the laughter commence! Ha!


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